Rejected names for this blog

The Contrarian Ecologist (the runner-up)

Oikos Blog II: Revenge of the Zombies (just kidding)

Fox Hunt (rejected because I believe puns that bad are illegal in many parts of the world)

The View  From  The Mountains (a nod to John Lawton’s old View From the Park column which used to run in Oikos)

The Log (a reference to this quote, now part of the lore of my undergraduate college)

7 thoughts on “Rejected names for this blog

  1. Welcome to your new home! I figure I that if I get all my pun jokes out on my blog, then I’ll be able to resist doing it in more formal settings. This, I’d call it, ‘Down in the Fox hole’ (which is meant to just be a reference to this being your home).

    • Or “The View from the Fox Hole”, as a nod to John Lawton’s old “View from the Park” column that used to run in Oikos (the example of which partially inspired me to take up blogging; John’s column was basically a print-form blog before there were online blogs).

    • I continue to think of further terrible “Fox hole” jokes. Like “No Zombies in Foxholes” (a play on the old saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”)

  2. If this were a more combative blog it could be called “Jem Warfare.” Of course, nobody but me and Matt M. know you as Jem, but competition among microbes could be referred to as “germ warfare”….

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