Graduate student opening in the Fox lab

Two of my students will be finishing soon, and so I’m looking to take on at least one and possibly two new graduate students, to start in Sept. 2013 or possibly earlier.

I’m broadly interested in fundamental questions in population, community, and evolutionary ecology. I place high value on tightly linking theory and data. My students and I work in whatever model system is most appropriate for addressing whatever question we’re asking. For more info on what I and my students do (which are often different things!), see my lab website.

Guaranteed funding is available for two years (M.Sc.) or four years (Ph.D.), through a combinations of TAships, RAships, and other sources. For more information on the graduate program in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary, go here.

The Dept. of Biological Sciences at Calgary has over 160 graduate students, about 40% of whom are in ecology and evolution. Calgary is a city of over one million people, close to the Canadian Rockies, with all the opportunities for field work and recreation that implies.

If you are interested, please first check out my website, and please read this letter, which I ask all prospective students to read. It talks about my approach to science and mentoring, and includes some questions I ask of all prospective students.Then send me an email ( introducing yourself, talking about your interests and goals and how they fit with my lab, etc. Please include your CV and contact details for three references.

I’ll be at the ESA meeting in Portland if you want to chat there. It helps to email me beforehand to set up a meeting; I may not have scads of free time once I arrive at the meeting.

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