Fighting zombies the old school way

In my very first zombie ideas post, I called blogging a new weapon against the zombies. But that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to using old school weapons too: I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just had an “opinion” piece accepted at Trends in Ecology and Evolution, based on a combination of that first zombie ideas post and my ongoing series on how disturbance and environmental change actually affect coexistence. It’s scheduled for the Feb. 2013 issue, but it’ll be online before then.

I’m very excited about this for several reasons. Like everyone, I have strong incentives to publish peer-reviewed papers in leading journals, and also really like doing so. The validation that comes from successfully navigating the peer review process always feels good (and as an aside, let me say that all four reviewers and the EiC were exceptionally thorough, thoughtful, and helpful). I learned a lot about coexistence theory, and about how to write to persuade, from writing all those posts and now this paper. Finally, this paper will reach a lot of people who don’t read blogs, or who don’t take them seriously.

I’m very curious what sort of response the paper will receive. The posts have gotten a very positive response, but as I noted, the paper will reach a very different audience. On the blog, I’ve drawn very little pushback from seriously committed supporters of the IDH. Possibly, that’s about to change, which would be fun.

Here’s how I feel now: 😉

4 thoughts on “Fighting zombies the old school way

  1. Very interesting. I feel like blogging (and reading blogs) is having a positive impact on my science. I’d say the same type of impact as talking science with colleagues (at conferences, for example – to float ideas, and to become aware of something important that I might not be up on), but the advantage with blogging is that you can float your ideas whenever is as good time for you.

    The ‘blog to peer-reviewed publication’ model is interesting. In the short time that I’ve been writing my blog, I’m really happy with how things went, but at the same time, it’s difficult to justify putting time into it, since there are no strong incentives (to quote the phrase from your post) to write blogs.

    Finally, you’ve heard of Robert Smith?, the mathematical biologist at U of Ottawa, right? He’s also a serious zombie fighter, but in the more literal sense.

    Congrats on the publication!

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