Advice: using Google Scholar to keep up with the literature

Jabberwocky Ecology has scooped me on something I was just about to post on: using Google Scholar to keep up with the literature. Basically, you first set up a profile with Google Scholar with all your papers, which Google Scholar finds for you. This is very quick. Then whenever you visit Google Scholar, it will show you a list of papers it thinks will interest you, based on what you yourself have published. I was skeptical, but I tried it out and found it a useful complement to (though definitely not a substitute for) my old-school literature filtering techniques. It found me a few papers I really want to read and wouldn`t otherwise have found, without forcing me to scroll through a massive amount of chaff (I did have to scroll through some). Thanks to Ethan White Morgan Ernest for encouraging me to try it out.

9 thoughts on “Advice: using Google Scholar to keep up with the literature

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