Friday links

This is a new feature. In the past, I’ve done a new post every time I wanted to link to something without commenting much. So my substantive posts were interspersed with lots of short posts. But now that Dynamic Ecology is a group blog, substantive posts are going to be more frequent. All of us here feel that lots of short posts would dilute the substantive content and push substantive posts down the page too fast. But we don’t want to stop linking to stuff that’s worth linking to, and that you might not otherwise see. So we’re going to do a weekly link compilation, on Fridays.

We’re going to keep it short, no more than 1-2 links from each of us. No point in hitting you with dozens of links you’ll never have the time to follow. And we’re going to be selective and mostly try to avoid linking to things you probably already knew about, like the latest Nature papers.

As always, feedback is welcome.

From Meghan:

Big news: the Ecological Society of America has just changed its policy and will now allow submissions previously deposited on preprint servers like arXiv! (Jeremy adds: Kudos to the ESA for getting ahead of the curve (since few ecologists have taken up preprint servers–so far!) and responding to member feedback. Now, will Ecology Letters follow suit?)

From Jeremy:

Carnival of Evolution #51 is now up at The Stochastic Scientist. I enjoyed The Mermaid’s Tale’s carnival entry on how to do hypothesis-free science.

From Chris:

US Presidential candidates answer fourteen top science questions.

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