Dynamic Ecology group blogging update (UPDATED)

We’re now a month into the experiment of turning Dynamic Ecology into a group blog. The experiment has quite literally been more successful than I would’ve thought possible. The initial posts from Brian, Meg, and Chris have all attracted lots of readers and commentary. And both Brian and Meg stunned me by respectively writing posts that attracted thousands of views (and over 100 comments!) in mere days, and posts that attracted hundreds of views per hour, neither of which have I ever come close to achieving on my own. Not that we want traffic for traffic’s sake, of course. Rather, traffic is a sign that you’re writing good posts that are worth reading.

You’ll recall that Brian, Meg, and Chris all joined Dynamic Ecology on a trial basis, Brian and Chris for a month, and Meg until Christmas. This was to give them a chance to figure out if they like blogging enough to want to commit to doing it long term. I’m happy to announce that Brian and Chris have decided to extend their trial periods until Christmas (and that Meg is still going strong with her trial period). So we’re going to be a group blog at least until the holidays, and hopefully for much longer. Indeed, by then I expect you all will have become so attached to Brian, Meg, and Chris that there’ll be riots on the intertubes if they decide to give up blogging. 😉

UPDATE: Meg just emailed me to say she’s already decided to stick with it long term! Great to have you on board Meg!

Now back to drafting some posts. I didn’t realize I was inviting in ringers, so now I need to raise my game! 😉

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