The ESA meeting should have debates

The ESA is always looking for new types of events to hold at their annual meeting. So here’s an idea I think could be fun: have some debates. By which I mean formal, debating society-style debates, with individuals (or teams of two) speaking for or against some proposition, and with the audience voting for or against that proposition before and after the debate.

If you had the right people, and the right topic, this could be a lot of fun. What topics would you like to see debated at the ESA? Who would you like to see debate them?

No prizes for saying you’d like to see me debate the proposition “The intermediate disturbance hypothesis is a zombie idea and should be abandoned.” Flattery will get you nowhere. 😉

p.s. I still think the ESA meeting should have Science Cafes, and public plenaries that are properly advertised and truly open to the public.

5 thoughts on “The ESA meeting should have debates

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