Poll: should Dynamic Ecology do a live online forum/chat?

For the recent Molecular Ecologist online forum, a bunch of top molecular ecologists went online to do a live chat about current issues in the field. They also took questions from anyone who cared to ask (live, or in advance).

Would you be interested if Meg, Brian, Chris, and I did something like that? Answer in the poll below.

In the comments, you can elaborate on your answer if you like (e.g., if you answered “maybe”, what does your interest in this depend on?), suggest topics you’d like to see such a chat address, etc. And if you’re Meg, Brian, or Chris, you can write things like “Hey Jeremy, how about running this idea by us before you poll the readers about it?!”

4 thoughts on “Poll: should Dynamic Ecology do a live online forum/chat?

    • I tend to think of the point as similar to the point of question-and-answer/discussion sessions at conferences. Such as might be held after a symposium or something. Or similar to the point of sitting down with someone smart and talking about science over coffee or a beer. Want to pick our brains? This could be your chance! And we don’t all have to fly to the same place to make it happen.

      So yeah, I think it has a point–the question is whether enough people consider it to have enough of a point to make it worth doing.

      • Thanks for clarifying Jeremy. I guess I just don’t see how that’s any different from the normal give and take that occurs here, with the significant drawback that everybody has to participate at the same time, instead of whenever they can.

      • Well, it’s a bit different in that readers choose the topics. And it would be faster-moving and more informal. Yes, it does have the disadvantage that everyone has to get together at the same time.

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