Dynamic Ecology reader survey

I’ve decided to conduct a short survey of the Dynamic Ecology readership, to get a better handle on who our audience is (and isn’t), how and why they read, share, and comment on the blog, and the feedback they have for us. WordPress provides us with no data on our readership except the countries they’re from and if they follow the blog via RSS, email, Twitter, or the WordPress follower system. If we knew just a little bit more about our readership (e.g., does it really skew heavily towards grad students, as we suspect?), and got a bit more feedback from them, we could make Dynamic Ecology even better.

It’s 11 brief multiple-choice questions, should literally take only a minute or two to complete. To complete the survey, go here.

The survey is anonymous and does not ask for nearly enough personal information for us to infer who you are. Plus, you’re free to skip any question you don’t feel like answering.

Thanks in advance for your response! A future post will present a statistical summary of the responses.

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