Friday links: will blogging change ecological communication, how to write a journal article, and more

From Jeremy:

The final version of my new open access article on whether blogging will change how ecologists communicate (as it already has done for economists) is now up at Ideas in Ecology and Evolution. Check it out!

Speaking of open access, in the same vein as Bob O’Hara’s nice piece in the Guardian (plugged the other week) on the open access movement, here’s a nice post from Tom Webb, confessing himself to be an open access agnostic. Tom articulates my own feelings better than I could have myself. HT to Bob for pointing this out to me; I’d missed it when it was first posted a few months back.

Nice post from Crooked Timber on the depressing arithmetic of higher education financing, and what to do about it. Good strategic, big-picture thinking on how to make the best of a bad situation that is never truly going to get better. Fluctuations in higher education financing in response to economic ups and downs are superimposed on a long-term negative trend that predates the recent financial crisis by many years. And here’s a follow-up post. And here’s a related post from Conversable Economist.

Nick Rowe has some good advice for new teaching assistants. He’s an economist, but his advice applies in ecology too.

As noted in the comments on Brian’s writing tips post, ecologist Joern Fischer has an entire blog on how to write a journal article. A terrific resource.

From the archives:

Why Gould & Lewontin’s “Spandrels of San Marco” isn’t a good paper.

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