Friday links: sexism at Nature, quantitative methods workshop, canine teaching assistants, and more (UPDATED)

From Meg:

Nature finds that women are substantially underrepresented in their reviewer pool, in the scientists featured in profiles, and in the authors of News & Views and Comments. Kudos to Nature for publicly acknowledging this, and for laying out steps that they will take to try to address this. UPDATE: Oikos Blog has an interview with one of the authors of the research that prompted Nature to acknowledge that it has a problem that needs fixing.

From Jeremy:

Ok, this isn’t ecology, but it is science, and it’s cute and fun. A chemist has trained his dogs to give chemistry lessons. Yes, really. Here’s a video of the lesson on chemical bonds.

While he’s at it, perhaps that guy should train his dogs to write science textbooks. Because the results couldn’t possibly be any worse (or any more hilarious) than these textbooks. LOL!

Should you go to grad school? Here’s a nice post from Lost in Transcription that will help you think things through.

The winners of the BBC wildlife camera-trap photography contest are here. Some great shots. My favorite is the snow leopard sticking its tongue out at the camera–totally needs to become an internet meme.

Grad students: want to learn modern quantitative methods for linking mathematical models to data? NIMBioS is offering what looks like a great summer training workshop June 17-28, 2013. The instructor list is top-notch (Ben Bolker, Gregor Fussmann, others) Application deadline is Jan. 15, 2013; details and application form here.

From the archives:

If you could have dinner with any three deceased ecologists or evolutionary biologists, who would they be?

2 thoughts on “Friday links: sexism at Nature, quantitative methods workshop, canine teaching assistants, and more (UPDATED)

  1. Jeremy, I’m noticing that in replies to comments (but not the comments themselves), words are being cut right in two as lines wrap (using either Firefox or IE). I’m noticing this at more than one WordPress blog. I wonder if anyone else is seeing this.

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