Poll: Interested in a Dynamic Ecology “Ask Us Anything”?

A while back, we asked if readers would be interested in doing a live chat with Meg, Brian, and I. There wasn’t massive interest. But that may have been because everybody has to online at the same time for a live chat.

So now we’re wondering: would you be interested in submitting questions to us via the blog comments or Twitter, and later we’d do a post compiling the questions and our answers?

You could ask us anything–for advice, for opinions, about ecology, academia, blogging… anything! You could direct questions to all of us, or to any one of us. As an example of the sort of thing we have in mind, quantitative political analyst and ex-baseball analyst Nate Silver recently did something like this.

To help us gauge interest, please complete the poll below. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Poll: Interested in a Dynamic Ecology “Ask Us Anything”?

      • Correction: that’s “Abby” not “Abbey” of course. No wonder she never posted any of those questions I sent in! Either that or she knows very little about forest dynamics, which I think most would find hard to believe.

        Anyway, let’s get the ball rolling. Who do you like, ’76 Reds or ’98 Yankees?

  1. Dear Jeremy and friends,

    I think it is a fantastic idea to have periods of Q & A. In fact, I have one particular area where I can use some assistance: prediction. I’ve been able to use resources such as Alain Zuur’s papers and textbooks to walk myself through proper general linear analyses, but I’m not sure what to use for performing predictive modeling. Of the available textbooks, do you or any readers of the blog find any particularly useful for beginners? Perhaps there are R packages that do an exceptional job at prediction?


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