Advice: helping you prep for the big summer conferences

Summer conference season is here. Conferences can be hugely valuable to you as well as a lot of fun. But they’ll be way less valuable and fun, and way more nerve-wracking, if you’re not prepared. So here’s a compilation of a bunch of our conference-related advice posts, to help you get ready:

Why to network at conferences. It may not be why you think…

How to network at conferences. Lots of good tips here for overcoming the awkwardness most of us (including me) feel about approaching strangers and talking to them. Also notes that networking at conferences often starts well before the conference (because lots of people start making their schedules for a big conference well in advance).

Some tips for giving a good talk or poster. Far from exhaustive, but there are lots of other easily-googleable resources out there on this.

How to ask tough questions. Yes it’s ok to do this. Yes, even if you’re a student. Yes, even if the speaker is famous.

How to answer tough questions. Yes, you can do this. Yes, even if you’re a student. Yes, even if the questioner is me. 🙂

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