Shreve Student Research Fund and Whittaker Travel Fellowship from ESA

Here’s info on two fellowships that might be of interest to some of our readers. Deadline for applications for both awards is July 21, 2013.

The Robert H. Whittaker Travel Fellowship, given to outstanding foreign ecologists to help defray costs of travel to the United States for visiting colleagues and/or for attending an Annual Meeting of the Society. Applicants for the Whittaker Travel Fellowship should submit a proposal not to exceed one page, describing how they would use the fellowship and why it would make travel possible that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. Please include a C.V. and a short budget request, not to exceed $1000. Applicants must be ESA members.

The Forrest Shreve Student Research Fund is given for either basic or applied ecological research on deserts of the southwestern United States and/or northwestern Mexico. Applicants for the Forrest Shreve Award should send a proposal (not to exceed one page) describing the proposed research, specifying the research location and explaining how the award would further the proposed research, with a C.V. and a short proposed budget (not to exceed $1,000) describing how the money will be spent if awarded. A letter of reference should be submitted separately by a research supervisor or an appropriate referee familiar with their work. Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible, as long as they are currently enrolled in a degree program and are members of the ESA.

We anticipate making one award each in 2013, and again making one award for each of these funds in late spring 2014. Only ESA members are eligible to submit applications for these awards. Submit applications to: and specify either “Forrest Shreve Award application” or “Robert Whittaker Fellowship Application” in the Subject line.

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