I’m looking for a graduate student (maybe two)

I am looking for 1-2 graduate students to start in fall 2014 (earlier start may be possible). Applications at both the MSc and PhD level are welcome.

I expect PhD students to develop their own projects, with my guidance. MSc students would have a choice of projects. Most of my students have worked in different systems than I do (everything from alpine plants and their pollinators to bean beetles). The common thread is that everyone in my lab ask fundamental questions about population, community, and/or evolutionary ecology, and addresses those questions rigorously with a combination of experiments and mathematical modeling.

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s leading research universities. The Dept. of Biological Sciences has a large graduate program (>140 graduate students, approximately 40% of them in ecology and evolution). The city of Calgary is home to over 1 million people, and is 45 min. drive from the Rocky Mountains, with all of the opportunities for research and recreation that implies.

For more on my lab and my research, see my homepage. For more on my mentoring philosophy, and for links to information on the University of Calgary Biological Sciences graduate program (including funding sources and the application process), go here. Guaranteed funding (over $20,000 CAD/year in practice) is available for 2 years (MSc) or 4 years (PhD) through a combination of TAships, RAships, and other sources.

If you’re interested and you’re attending the ESA meeting, please come find me and we’ll have a chat.

If you’re interested but you’re not attending the ESA, please email me (jefox@ucalgary.ca). Tell me about your background, interests, and long-term (post-grad school) goals, including why you think my lab would be a good fit for you. Please include transcripts (unofficial is fine) and contact details for three references.

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