Fun with Google searches on “ecology”

Inspired by this comic, here are the number of search results returned by Google for various ecology-related search terms.

Levels of organization

(search term: number of results in millions)

individual ecology: 26.5 million

population ecology: 20.6

community ecology: 28.9

ecosystem ecology: 4.98

Kinds of organisms:

plant ecology: 21.1

animal ecology: 23.1

microbial ecology: 6.01 (little things may run the world, but they’re losing the intertubes)


terrestrial ecology: 10.4

aquatic ecology: 6.39

marine ecology: 16.2


landscape ecology: 8.68

behavioral ecology: 8.79

physiological ecology: 4.88

functional ecology: 9.62

theoretical ecology: 17.2

paleoecology: 0.569

evolutionary ecology: 4.2

macroecology: 0.155 (sorry Brian)

microcosm ecology: 0.34 (sorry self)

Ecology vs. other fields:

ecology: 64.2

evolution: 633 (yes, almost 10x as many as for ecology)

natural history: 329 (who says natural history is dead?)

Ecology journals vs. blogs:

ecology journals: 11.1

ecology blogs: 18.5

The eternal struggle of good vs. evil:

good ecology: 54.3

bad ecology: 9.89

You may commence over-interpretation…now! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Fun with Google searches on “ecology”

  1. Hi Jeremy!
    I know that you will not answer comments during the first 24 hours following your post, but I would like to know how you proceeded exactly, as I find different results from you.
    I used and searched for the same terms as you with and without quotation marks (did you use them?). For instance, for natural history, I found 630 million results and for “natural history”, 34.7 millions.
    There’s nothing I don’t get here!

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