Population cycles workshop: watch live videos of the talks! (UPDATED)

I’m currently attending a workshop on current challenges in modeling population cycles. We have a great list of participants, each of whom will be giving either a 30 or 60 minute talk on their research. You can watch live videos of the talks here, and find archived videos (uploaded shortly after the end of the talk) here.The videos are recorded and edited by a fancy automated multi-camera system.

I just gave my own talk this evening, on causes and consequences of spatial synchrony of population cycles. Will update the post once the video goes online.

Will have a post on the workshop after it’s over, but wanted to get the word out about the videos now.

UPDATE: The automated recording system malfunctioned for my talk and some of the others, so not every talk will be archived online. In partial compensation, here are my slides (big .ppt file). I talked about my work on causes and consequences of spatial synchrony, which was relevant to the workshop because I’m mostly looking at spatial synchrony of predator-prey cycles.

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