Whittaker and Shreve Awards from ESA

The goal of this post is to highlight some ESA Grants and Fellowships that don’t get as much attention as some of the awards (such as the Mercer Award). Please nominate qualified folks you know for these awards! (Self-nominations are fine) The deadline is December 16, 2013.

First, there are two Whittaker awards that are given out annually. From the ESA website:
The Whittaker Distinguished Ecologist award recognizes an ecologist with an earned doctorate, and an outstanding record of contributions in ecology, who is not a U.S. citizen and is not currently residing in the U.S.  This award provides funds for travel to the U.S. for research or to attend a meeting and covers expenses up to $2000.

The Whittaker Award recognizes an outstanding ecologist in a developing country who is not a U.S. citizen and is not currently residing in the U.S. The award is open to ecologists at any career stage and would cover expenses up to $1200 for travel to the US for research or to attend a meeting.

Requirements: Nominations for both awards can be made directly by the nominee or by an ESA member on behalf of the nominated ecologist.  Nominations for these awards should include curriculum vitae, a letter of nomination, and no more than 2 additional letters of support.   For more information about the award, please contact Jessica Gurevitch, Chair (2013–2016), Robert H. Whittaker Awards Subcommittee. Her email address is jessica dot gurevitch at stonybrook dot edu.

Second, there is the Desert Ecology-Forest Shreve Award (which appears under the “Other Awards” tab on the ESA Awards website). From that website:
One to two awards annually of $1000-2000 are available to support research in the hot deserts of North America: Sonora, Mohave, Chihuahua, and Vizcaino. Projects should be clearly ecological and should increase our understanding of the patterns and processes of deserts and/or desert organisms. Proposals will be ranked based on the importance of the project to understanding desert ecology, feasibility, experimental design and innovation.

Nominations for the Shreve Award should also be sent to Jessica Gurevitch.

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