Thanks to our commenters!

One of the things I’m proudest of about Dynamic Ecology is something that’s largely out of the control of Brian, Meg, and I: the number and quality of the comments. We have great comment threads. And that’s not because you’re not seeing all the crap I filter out, because I don’t have to filter out any crap. I’ve literally only had to block like four comments, ever. I could speculate on why that is, but right now let me just say how glad Brian, Meg, and I am for it. Other scientific blogs have had to turn off commenting as their audiences grew (e.g., Hope Jahren). Thanks sooo much to all of you that we haven’t had to do that, or even consider it.

As with any blog, it’s only a fraction of readers who comment. I wanted to give a shout-out to our most active commenters, the folks who do the most to start conversations and keep them going. We have many active commenters, but our most active in 2013 were:

Terry McGlynn

Margaret Kosmala

Jim Bouldin

Jeff Ollerton

Jeff Walker

Thanks to all of you, and to all of our commenters. Looking forward to continuing the conversation in 2014.

14 thoughts on “Thanks to our commenters!

    • Well, it’s not entirely out of our control. We do as much as we can to encourage good comment threads. For instance, Brian, Meg, and I are all active in the comment threads ourselves, which I’d think helps “set the tone”, and serves as an “honest signal” that we really do value comments. And we sometimes highlight particularly good comment threads, write posts inspired by comments, and do other things (like this post!) to show that we welcome comments and take them seriously. And if terrible comments (insults or whatever) were to start showing up more frequently, I’d block them without hesitation, since bad commenters will drive away good ones. All that may be necessary, but it’s far from sufficient, as Hope Jahren’s experience illustrates. Hence our feeling both proud and thankful for our comment threads.

  1. I’m not well trained in ecology so I feel like a groupie backstage at a rock concert by lurking here. And occasionally the spirit moves me to comment, apparently more than I’d thought! This and a few other blogs have been influential components to my continued development in science (who knew I’d still be developing at my age) so keep doing what you’re doing. You (that’s the plural you) do it very well.

  2. You guys are doing a **great** job, all of you. The quality of ensuing discussions always starts with the blogger(s) themselves, I’m fairly convinced of that. Not easy to give thoughtful answers to readers’ replies and keep everything on track, I know that from experience.

    Just mildly curious though–can we expect our cash awards and ribbons at the annual banquet then?

    • “can we expect our cash awards and ribbons at the annual banquet then?”

      You didn’t read the legal fine print, did you? This blog is null and void in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. In fact, it’s null and void in all jurisdictions except Ankh-Morpork.

  3. I just want to second Jeremy’s sentiments in the original post. Its the quality of the discussion (i.e. the comments) that makes blogging worthwhile for me. And I feel Dynamic Ecology has been very lucky in the discussions we’ve had. There have been some intense disagreements but the discussions have been very substantive and never degenerate into mud slinging. This is extremely rare on the internet in my experience.

    • And I want to third Jeremy’s sentiments. I am so, so glad we haven’t had to deal with the trolls that people like Hope have had, and I very much hope it remains that way! The thoughtful discussions that go on in the comments are fantastic.

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