Zombie ideas shout-out at the Am Nat meeting! (UPDATED)

Yesterday at the ongoing American Society of Naturalists meeting in Asilomar there was a formal debate on the proposition “the house believes that species richness on continents is dominated by ecological limits.” Dan Rabosky and Allen Hurlbert argued for the proposition, with Luke Harmon and Susan Harrison arguing against. I think formal debates are a great addition to a scientific meeting, and I’m looking forward to hearing how this one went. (Tell us in the comments if you were there!) (UPDATE: a video of the debate is here.)

Luke was kind enough to give my notion of zombie ideas a shout-out at the end of his presentation. Here’s a link to the pic that’s making the rounds on Twitter:

Thanks to Luke for the plug! Sounds like the debate was a lot of fun. Hope some zombie ideas were slain! 🙂

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