Bob Holt wins the 2014 Per Brink Oikos Award

The Per Brink Oikos Award is given annually to an ecologist who has made “extraordinary and important contributions to the science of ecology.” The 2014 winner is Bob Holt.

Like many ecologists, I’m lucky and proud to call Bob a friend, and his work has had a big influence on me. Starting with his seminar 1977 paper defining the phenomenon of apparent competition (published when he was still a grad student!). I just downloaded his latest paper–his 288th! (All of his publications are available for download here). Like somewhat fewer ecologists, I’m lucky to have learned from Bob in other ways besides reading his papers. He was the external member of my doctoral committee (my Ph.D. work set out to test some modeling work of his). It was in that role that he suggested I read Deborah Mayo’s book on philosophy of statistics, from which I learned a massive amount. And he’s been a source of sage advice ever since. He’s also a blogger–well, sort of. 🙂

Congratulations Bob!

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