Dynamic Ecology GeoGuessr Challenge #2! (UPDATED)

Here’s our second GeoGuessr challenge! As in the first challenge, I’ve chosen five sites of great significance to the field of ecology. You have to guess where they are, using only your own background knowledge and the information provided by GeoGuessr. In the comments, tell us your score, highest score wins a valuable* prize! Entries are due one week from today.

Hint #1: Some but not all are famous field stations.

Hint #2: One is more evolutionary than strictly ecological.

Hint #3: One of them will really embarrass Meg if she fails to get it within meters.

Hint #4: I’ve said too much already!

*For some value of “value”

UPDATE: Hmm, an update to GeoGuessr seems to have broken my link to the contest! Apologies to anyone who wanted to play and couldn’t!

10 thoughts on “Dynamic Ecology GeoGuessr Challenge #2! (UPDATED)

  1. Smallish 7819 points. I’m currently still second place, but that may not last… 🙂
    Still heavily biased to temperate locations: the only tropical place had pixes so badly stitched together that you could not use vegetation hints… (I’m just grumbling for sake, there are great odds that I would still score so badly with more tropical places… 🙂 )

    • Geoguessr’s coverage of tropical countries is very spotty, sorry. I wanted to include BCI and La Selva in the first contest, but there’s no GeoGuessr coverage anywhere near those places.

      • Don’t worry… As I said, I would probably be doing quite bad even if more tropics were included. Though vegetation cues are probably very informative with regard to location. The other kinds of cues were more obvious with this challenge, or I am doing better in identifying Canada (as a side effect of playing challenges at Dyn Ecol? 🙂 )

    • And if it’s any comfort, I too struggle mightily when the images are the highly pixelated ones from 2012 or earlier, before Google started using higher-res StreetView cameras. Not being able to read signs makes GeoGuessr exponentially harder.

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