Faculty position in ecology at University of Ottawa

Friend of the blog Rees Kassen passes on news of a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Global Change and Macroecology at the University of Ottawa. Details here. Application deadline is Aug. 31.

Note that Ottawa has a history of interpreting job titles liberally. So even if you don’t consider yourself anything close to a macroecologist or global change ecologist, don’t let that put you off from applying.

Note as well that while the university is bilingual (English and French), you only have to be able to teach in one of those languages (indeed, I believe the majority of their faculty teach in only one language). The university just wants you to be able to “function in a bilingual setting” by the time you come up for tenure (e.g., so that you can understand what everyone is saying at faculty meetings), and provides language training to staff for this purpose. So definitely don’t let the bilingualism put you off if you’re otherwise inclined to apply.

And remember that if you come to Canada, you’ll only have to write one 5-page grant every 5 years to provide a baseline level of funding for your lab, with a success rate over 60%. (You can and should seek additional funding, of course.)

Oh, and Canada Research Chairs are pretty sweet gigs. Typically, they come with extra resources and teaching relief, so that you can start up a really top-notch research program.

Speaking personally, I know some folks at Ottawa, having spent part of my last sabbatical there. It’s a great department, and I really liked the city too. The city’s big enough to be interesting, but small and compact enough to be very livable and not outrageously expensive. Being the Canadian capital helps–there are lots of great museums and cultural events and whatnot. In the winter, the Rideau Canal becomes the world’s largest outdoor skating rink. And because Ottawa is right on the border of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, it’s close to lots of other interesting places. Bottom line, any of you who are on the academic job market ought to be falling over yourselves in your rush to apply for this. 🙂

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