Semi-hiatus for the ESA meeting

Just FYI: Dynamic Ecology will be on semi-hiatus during the ESA meeting. We’re not planning any meeting preview posts this year. And we’re not planning to post during the meeting either, though I suppose we might change our minds if the spirit moves us.

Sorry if this disappoints any of you. But there’s just not enough of you. Very few people read our posts about the ESA meeting. And writing those posts takes time and mental energy that I can’t really spare during the meeting. I’m busy from the moment I wake up until I get back to my hotel room late in the evening, and just don’t have the energy to stay up for another hour writing a post that hardly anyone will read. I’m sure it’s the same for Brian and Meg. If you want to follow the meeting from afar, you should be on Twitter following the #ESA2014 hashtag; that’s where the action will be (though EEB and Flow has promised to liveblog the meeting).

We’ll probably do some sort of wrap-up post after the meeting ends.

p.s. If you’ll be at the meeting and want your Dynamic Ecology fix, come say hi to Meg, Brian and I at the Dynamic Ecology meetup on Wed. 5:30-6:30 in the poster hall!

1 thought on “Semi-hiatus for the ESA meeting

  1. Another option for folks looking for updates on the conference is to follow the blog being run by WK15: Advancing eco-communication through multimedia. Workshop participants and instructors will be doing photography, sketches, writing and audio/video coverage during the conference. In addition to our posts on the workshop website (, ESA will be highlighting some of this content on their EcoTone blog ( If you want to contribute to our “SciComm by scientists” initiative, feel free to contact me or any of the other workshop coordinators.

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