Listen to Jeremy talk about ecology and blogging on Utah Public Radio Wed. 9 am Mountain Time (UPDATED)

I’m in Utah right now giving a couple of talks at Utah State University. Which led to me getting a very flattering invitation to tape an interview for Utah public radio. The interview will be broadcast on Wed. Sept. 16 at 9 am Mountain Time. It should be available online around the same time at the above link, under the Programs tab (either the Access Utah program, or the Science Questions program, not sure which). UPDATE: It’s Access Utah, here’s the link to the show. The interview with me is the first half of the show.)

In the interview, I talk about how I got into ecology, microcosms, spatial synchrony, my scientific role models, the biggest recent advances in ecology, and the blog. See if you can guess which questions I’d prepared an answer for in advance, and which ones caught me out and forced me to stall for time.* 🙂

This was my first radio interview (indeed, my first interview for any non-ecologist audience), so it was a new experience. I tried to draw on some long ago, vaguely-remembered media training I had, and also on my limited experience explaining myself in other venues (e.g., I reminded myself of my elevator pitch). And I listened to a previous podcast from the show. My main goal was to avoid jargon and try to keep things non-technical.

I’m sure many of you have much more training and experience at this sort of thing than I have. So if you do decide to give it a listen, I’d love any feedback you have, especially what I could do better. I think it went pretty well, but I’m not the best judge, and I’m sure there’s room for improvement.

*This should not be difficult.

2 thoughts on “Listen to Jeremy talk about ecology and blogging on Utah Public Radio Wed. 9 am Mountain Time (UPDATED)

  1. Fun to hear that you thought would be a marine ecologist too! I went a different direction (plant ecology) but at one point I thought I would study marine ecology. I also loved poking around tide pools growing up on the east coast (Nova Scotia). I even worked at the Vancouver Aquarium as an undergraduate.

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