Jeremy Fox seeking applicants for the Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship

I am seeking applicants for the University of Calgary Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship. This is a competitive award, funded by the Killam Foundation. The purpose is to allow the Fellow to develop his or her own research program, under the guidance of a faculty sponsor. The Fellow also is expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the university by giving a research seminar and possibly doing a bit of guest lecturing.

An ideal applicant for my lab would be someone with strong mathematical, computational, and/or programming skills, whose interests overlap somewhat with mine: question-driven work in population, community, and eco-evolutionary dynamics. My hope would be that you would pursue your own research as well as collaborating with me on some project of mutual interest (which need not be a project currently ongoing in my lab). That’s how my former postdoc Dave Vasseur and I worked, and it was great for both of us. My lab certainly would be a good fit for someone looking to learn, or continue with, lab-based model systems like protist microcosms or bean beetles. It’s a two year award (see below), so the ideal candidate will be someone who can complete a project within that timeframe. But I’m absolutely open to applications from anyone who broadly shares my interests. For more on current research in my lab, see my homepage.

Here’s a list of the ecologists and evolutionary biologists in my department. It’s a good intellectual environment. Calgary is a city of just over 1 million people, close to the Canadian Rockies with all the opportunity for recreation that that implies.

The Killam postdoc is a university-wide award, open to scholars in all disciplines, and only one is given out each year, so competition is keen. In the past, I’ve had one candidate receive (and decline) the award, and another make it to the final stage of the multi-stage evaluation process. So I have a good sense of what’s required to be competitive. The application process is not onerous, so if you’re even slightly interested I encourage you to contact me (

Under the rules, I can only support one candidate for the award. In order to allow sufficient time for me to choose among potential applicants and decide who to support, please contact me ASAP, and in any case by mid-Dec. to ensure full consideration. When you contact me, please tell me something about your research interests and what sort of work you’d see yourself pursuing in my lab. Please include a cv and contact details for three references.

Key details are below, click the above link for full details.


You need to have earned your Ph.D. after Sept. 1, 2012, or earn it before Sept. 1, 2015. You do NOT need to be Canadian or a resident of Canada, and there is no preference for Canadians or Canadian residents when applications are evaluated.

Term, salary, benefits

It’s a two year award, which pays $45,000 CAD/year. There’s also $6000 for research and/or moving expenses. Also Alberta Health Care and extended health benefits. There’s some possibility a small top-up to the salary could be negotiated.

Start date

You have to start between May 1 and Sept. 1, 2015.

Application deadline

The application, which includes a research proposal of a couple of pages or so, is due on Jan. 15, 2015.

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