Friday links: sharks and pythons and unicorns, oh my!

Also: articles about women in science, economics as the most confusing subject, and risk-reward tradeoffs in grants

Mammal March Madness is about to return! The four divisions are Mighty Mini Mammals, Mythical Mammals (the photo seems to indicate unicorns will be a contender!), Critically Endangered Mammals, and Sexy Beasts. My 4-year-old knows what sugar gliders are thanks to last year’s MMM. She will be very excited to fill out a bracket again this year!

This is a great, accessible summary of the problem of Burmese pythons in the Everglades. I love the drawings!

More very impressive animal pancakes, including butterflies and sharks. (ht: David Shiffman)

SWEEET (the Symposium for Women Entering Ecology & Evolution Today) has a webpage listing recent peer-reviewed articles about women in science. This looks like a great resource! (ht: Susan Cheng)

From Brian:

Terry McGlynn has a great poll on the risk-reward tradeoff for grants. Go answer the poll. This is a really important conversation to be having right now.

And Rich Lenski has a 3rd round of question answering!

From Jeremy (even though he’s traveling!):

Hoisted from the comments
In my post yesterday on how to learn new skills in R, I admitted that I want to download the stats- and R-knowledge from Ben Bolker’s brain. That prompted Noam Ross to come up with this excellent comment:

Ben Bolker’s Brain has been scattered into bits
Among SO, R-sig-ME and a thousand different lists
Now I’ve asked him all my questions, and I hope my model fits.
His code is marching on.

(With apologies to Ben, and the many authors of “John Brown’s Body”)

2 thoughts on “Friday links: sharks and pythons and unicorns, oh my!

  1. Oops – just noticed my link to Terry’s risk-reward post is a link to my comment on that post. Not even sure how I did that. But the original post and the poll are what are important.

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