Heads up: You will need a visa to travel to #Evol2015 in Brazil!

Just as a heads up: if you are planning on traveling to the Evolution 2015 meeting in Brazil, you need a visa, and it takes a month to get one. More info is here. And, via twitter, Emilio Bruna recommends using a visa expediting service.

7 thoughts on “Heads up: You will need a visa to travel to #Evol2015 in Brazil!

  1. This is true for Americans, but I don’t think it’s true for all countries? I think you need to check if the citizens of the country for which you hold a passport need a visa to travel to Brazil.

    • Yes – visas are always very reciprocal. The US makes Brazilians jump through hoops and get a visa to enter US so they do the same back (perfectly reasonably in my opinion). EU & I believe Canada don’t require visas from Brazilians so Brazil doesn’t require them back.

      For people who don’t live close to a consulate, there are companies that will take your paperwork into the consulate for a fee ($60-$120) and mail the visa back that are usually pretty reliable.

      Also when I traveled to Brazil in August the websites were very unclear about whether a scholar visiting a conference was on a personal or business visa. So I drove to the consulate and asked and they told me personal, not business (not being paid to participate was the key). I have to say I was pretty impressed with service at the Boston consulate (a lot better than the American Consulate in Montreal when I lived there)

  2. We used a visa service and it took closer to 6 weeks to get ours (in the US), so be warned that the time required may vary!

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