Anyone want to write a guest post on where to eat and drink in Baltimore for the ESA meeting? (UPDATE: we have volunteers now)

Do you like to eat food and drink liquids? Do you know lots of good places to do those things in Baltimore? If so, we’d love for you to write a guest post for us for the 2015 ESA meeting!

Here’s an example of the sort of thing we’re looking for. We’d need the post to be ready by early Aug.

If you’re interested, email Jeremy (

UPDATE: Wow, that was fast! We already have a couple of volunteers, so we’re all set!

10 thoughts on “Anyone want to write a guest post on where to eat and drink in Baltimore for the ESA meeting? (UPDATE: we have volunteers now)

  1. I just want to leave one out-of-the-way recommendation here –

    I was in Baltimore for my wife’s reunion a month ago and was told that “Pit Beef” (along with “Lake Trout”) is a Baltimore specialty. Doing some digging, all signs were pointing to Chap’s Pit Beef; it’s off in some semi-industrial area (near a I-95 on/offramp) and literally surrounded by strip clubs. But man, if that is not some of the best food I have ever had in my life! If you eat meat and are willing/able to drive a bit (15 minutes?) you are doing yourself a favor going to get Chap’s Pit Beef.

  2. Having spent years at Hopkins prior to moving to Los Angeles (and visiting regularly since leaving) I’ll briefly recommend the following:
    For the consummate foodie: I HIGHLY recommend the Woodberry Kitchen (make reservations in advance) for the best food and drinks in the city.
    For cocktails near the inner harbor: the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore is on e of the best
    For quirky Baltimore flavor: The PaperMoon Diner in Hamden or the Blue Moon Cafe in Fells Point (try the Captain Crunch french toast).

    For the true ESA enthusiast, be sure to stop by and pay homage at Wolman Hall (at JHU’s Homewood campus) and also see the Wolman Pebble Court.

  3. A couple thoughts come to mind.

    The Alewife Restaurant ( has some fantastic foods and a great drink menu. Also they try to serve up invasive species on the menu when possible (snakehead, blue catfish, wildboar) so there is an ecological theme there! I wrote up a little review for a few years back (

    For breakfast you gotta check out Miss Shirley’s.
    Its just insanely delicious and the breakfast cocktails are good too.

    Speaking of cocktails, Fells Point is a no brainer, but for the best cheap (safe) dive bar in the city I really like Harry’s American Bar. Its just a bar in Canton. No frills. 1$ National Bohemian Beers. You’ll be shocked when you get your bar tab at the end of the night and its only a couple of bucks.

    Looking forward to ESA!

    • Cheers for this Karen. I have a forthcoming post on where to drink in Baltimore, based on my own online research. Brewer’s Art is on the list. How’s the area around it–some reviews make it sound a little sketchy?

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