Applicants sought for postdoc position in Jeremy Fox’s lab

I am seeking applicants for the University of Calgary’s “Eyes High” postdoctoral fellowship program. These are competitive awards intended to attract and train young leaders in all areas of scholarship. Ten fellowships will be awarded.*

These are two year positions with a salary of $50,000 CAD/year, plus benefits. Successful applicants will receive professional development training, and will be expected to do a bit of teaching at the graduate or senior undergraduate level.

It’s a multi-stage application process. The first stage deadline is July 10, and basically involves a three page research proposal, including a description of new funding that will be sought.

Research in my lab addresses fundamental questions in population, community, and eco-evolutionary dynamics using both theory and experiments in model systems like protist microcosms. An ideal applicant would have strong mathematical and/or programming skills and would be interested in pursuing modeling and/or microcosm work, or else would have some other research ideas that could be pursued successfully within two years.

Interested prospective applicants should email me ASAP to start discussing potential project ideas ( Please include a cv with your email.

Just to let you know, this is a quite competitive program; it’s aimed at people who are competitive for major national or international fellowships, or who will soon be competitive for them.

*Actually, fifty fellowships will be awarded, but the other forty are reserved for new faculty or faculty working on different research topics than me.

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