Time once again for a bit of fun sharing some of the odder search terms that led people to this blog!

animal ant human sexy video. The one downside of Meg’s compilation of videos for teaching ecology is that it draws in disturbing searches.

www .animeal scx video.eo. See what I mean?

amazon forest sex smal videos. The hits just keep on comin’.

sxe move ht. Even when they have typos!

amaing sex viedo 1-3 min. You get the idea…

daynamik sxe vidos.com. Actually, I can see why this one would lead to us. But still.

boggling with someone. You’re looking for Stephen Heard’s blog.

reason to choose gold as a topic. Apparently, we’re now so popular that, if you google “reason for choosing [anything]”, or something along those lines, this post comes up high in the results. A lot of the searches leading to our blog have that form.

are you sure?- response. I’d have thought this search would only come up with two hits.

nserc engage grant unethical. Oh please. I’m not a fan of NSERC’s increasing emphasis on applied research. But even if Engage grants (which subsidize academics to do short-term industrial R&D) aren’t good policy, they’re not unethical!

which one is not for the software deterrent? ???

paper books increase biodiversity. Does this mean ebooks decrease it?

very amazing long questions. very remarkably weird searches

how many hours is enough to succeed in life. If you’re searching on this, I question your odds of success in life.

a recap of the last 100 years. Sorry, can’t help you. I write long posts, but not that long.

functions of mango 2 a pregnant woman within d ist trimesther. Mango?

what happens if an assistant professor at harvard loses grant. Brian might be able to answer this, he went to Harvard. But I assume they’re thrown in the Charles River and drift out to sea they just apply for more grants, same as anywhere else.

what is the mechanism that causes things to go back and forth. Make up your own joke here. I got nothin’.

jordano zombie. As far as I know, Pedro Jordano doesn’t hold any zombie ideas.

statistics is a sine qua non to all field of endeavour, discuss? A lot of people have found our blog recently with this search and variants thereon. I wonder if that’s because all students routinely google every question on every homework assignment, or if it’s because none of the students in this teacher’s class know what “sine qua non” means.

some reasons of choosing global warming topic for my assignment work. You needed to google a reason to study global warming? Seriously?

will i get tenure. I didn’t realize Google search results were now so personalized that you can google this sort of question and expect an answer.

paper of up genius 2015. ???

daphnia protist edu. I like the mental image of someplace called “Daphnia Protist University” with the website daphniaprotist.edu. Meg could be the president and I could be the dean of the faculty.

the term ecology was defined for the first time in 1970 by. Um, Bob Paine? Joe Connell? Zombie Ernst Haeckel?

stylish modelers. I did an image search on “modelers”, looking for a image that I could insert here as a joke. This was a mistake.

it – just – might – work! This one led to us because of this fun old post that I wish had gotten many more comments than it did.

dynamic public school 5th class math paper. ???

milt.friedman ecology. This search may look weird but I can totally see why it would lead here. It’s a weird search that led to a weird blog.

the making of the great escape consultant. Another seemingly-weird example, but there’s actually a good reason this search would lead to us.

i need to know what is the most oldest techniques an interpreter uses for interpreting I added the ellipsis; this one got cut off just when it was getting good. I’m guessing that the missing words are “dynamic ant-human sex videos xxx”.

who are jeremy fox’s parents. I’m not telling you. And I doubt Google will either.

bryan mcgill new age writer? I like to think that Meg searched on this and then clicked through to one of our posts as part of a clever long-term plan to troll Brian.

3 thoughts on “#awkwardblogsearchterms

  1. the “modern definition” of ecology comes from Krebs’ ecology textbook: “Ecology is the scientific study of the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms”
    the first edition came out 1972, as far as I remember.

  2. As I just pointed out on Twitter, Daphnia Protist University would have the world’s greatest population/community/evolutionary ecology group: Meg, me, Spencer Hall, Dieter Ebert, Peter Morin, Marcel Holyoak, Owen Petchey, Phil Warren, Lin Jiang, Mathew Leibold, Michael Lynch, Ed McCauley, Florian Altermatt, Bill Nelson… 🙂

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