#ESA100 bingo cards!

As is now traditional, here are your ESA meeting bingo cards! I love the ESA meeting, and for me part of loving it is being able to laugh about it. Hope these bingo cards will give you a laugh too. 🙂

And guess what? This year I made several cards (pdf)! Just like at a real bingo hall!* I stuck every joke from past years’ cards, plus a bunch of new ones, into an online bingo card generator.** So you and your friends could actually treat the ESA as a bingo game and see who can get bingo first. Don’t say I never did anything for you. 🙂

Also, an apology. I made these cards before learning about the event we’ll be sharing the convention center with on Sunday. So the joke on some of the cards wishing the ESA was sharing the convention center with a scifi convention, like the last time the ESA was in Baltimore, is now outdated and unfunny. And the cards are sadly lacking in ecology-related My Little Pony jokes, so take this as an invitation to make your own in the comments.*** 🙂

*For some suitably-implausible value of “just like”. Or “real bingo hall”. 🙂

**Of course there are online bingo card generators.

***+1000 Internet Points if you upload a video of Ethan White or another datasharing advocate singing this song.

4 thoughts on “#ESA100 bingo cards!

  1. Grad Student Edition:
    1. “Realize the person you just made awkward eye contact with in the bathroom was science royalty. Proceed to freak out”
    2. “Try several times to approach science crush at poster session. End up standing awkwardly on edge of group nodding and never say anything”
    3. “Forget to remove badge. Seem startled with servers seem to magically know your name”

    • I went to a disease meeting in France as a grad student. My glasses got all smudged and my shirt wasn’t cotton so I couldn’t clean them with that. So, I went to the bathroom to get a paper towel to clean them with, while holding them (meaning: I was not entirely able to see). As I walked in, I saw Really Big Name Male Ecologist and almost died of embarrassment that I had just walked into the men’s room. Except it turned out it was a unisex bathroom, so it was okay. 😉

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