Here are the best posts you missed while you were in the field this summer

Welcome back from the field, or that great conference, or vacation, or wherever you’ve been for the past three months! Time to get back in the groove–including the blog reading groove, we hope. To help you out, here are some of our best posts from earlier this summer. They’re still timely, and many haven’t even been much commented on yet. Grab a cup of your beverage of choice and get caught up!

Here’s the best post idea I’ve had in months: I polled readers on whether various big ideas in ecology (island biogeography theory, MaxEnt, optimal foraging theory, metabolic theory…) were successful or not. The results were absolutely fascinating. If you’re only going to catch up on one post from me, that’s the one to read.

I identified the five (later updated to six) roads to generality in ecology.

Meg crowdsourced some difficult lecture planning by asking what influences the realized niche.

Brian argued that “functional traits” are a bandwagon and tried to steer the bandwagon to keep it from crashing.

Finally, we celebrated our blogging birthday by reflecting on how our approach to blogging has changed over time.

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