Boxing Day links

From Jeremy:

Simon Levin wins the National Medal of Science. Congratulations, Simon! (ht Small Pond Science)

Funny quotes from teachers and professors (mostly math professors). When I was in college we had a chemistry prof who came up with these sorts of lines all the time, he was great. (ht Small Pond Science)


5 thoughts on “Boxing Day links

  1. “By the way, the article I’m assigning you to read until next week is in French so if you don’t speak French… well… learn it.”

    First thought: “I can assign articles in French?” Second thought: “Why not? Many of them won’t do the reading regardless.”

      • Years ago I was invited to speak in an English-language session at the Ecological Society of Japan meeting. I thought about attending a Japanese-language theory session to see if I could follow the talks just by looking at the equations and figures, but in the end I chickened out.

      • I had no choice but to listen to some talks in Japanese during a single-session symposium in Japan a few years ago, but I got the gist of what was being said from the graphs and photos.

      • Heck, it sounds like a good tactic when writing a paper or giving a talk: craft it so that someone that doesn’t speak English can understand just by following the figures and illustrations.

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