New Year’s links: new ecology blog, and more

Happy New Year! Also this week: tell me again what a STEM worker “shortage” is, and more.

From Jeremy:

Ecology Bits is the new blog from postdoc Margaret Kosmala, familiar to our readers as a guest author and frequent commenter here. It’s ambitious–her goal is a post per week–and very welcome. The ecology blogosphere (which isn’t really the right word) could use more voices. But don’t click through–she says no one is supposed to read the first post. 🙂

Arjun Raj argues that academics mostly work hard not because the “culture” pressures them into it, but because they’re passionate about what they do. I think he has a point–you shouldn’t aim to work X hours/week, you should aim to spend your time doing the things that really matter to you. But I’m not sure he put it in the best way. And as Zen Faulkes notes, the whole subject has become so fraught that it’s hard to talk about online.

Sharp economist Noah Smith asks what it even means when people claim there’s a “shortage” of STEM labor. I suspect you could write the same post about the claim that there’s an “oversupply” of STEM labor.

And finally, I’m late to this, but Bird and Moon suggests some reindeer alternatives for Santa. Sing it: Rudolph the humback anglerfish/had a very shiny nose…! 🙂

5 thoughts on “New Year’s links: new ecology blog, and more

  1. Indeed, the main thing that’s toxic about the topic of hours worked in academia is the online discourse surrounding it. I usually try and avoid those kinds of topics, and so I’m not sure what possessed me to add to the din, but I like your paraphrase better than my whole post. 🙂

    • In an early draft of this post, I referred to you as “braver than me” for even raising this topic, much less saying what you said about it. But I deleted that draft because I was drifting into discussing the topic myself. I decided I didn’t want to kick off my new year by getting myself flamed.

  2. Wahoo! Thanks for fulfilling “secret” wishes… (Now I don’t have to write a good post for a whole month… or something.)

    • No, thanks to you for starting what should be a great blog.

      Your “secret” wish inspired an idea for a navel-gazing post. Because flattered as I am that you (or anyone) would have “make the DE Friday links on a regular basis” as a goal, I’m also a little uncomfortable with it…

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