Where to drink in Ft. Lauderdale for the ESA meeting if you’re a beer geek

I won’t be at the ESA meeting this year, but as a service to the community way of procrastinating, here are the fruits of my background research on where to drink interesting beer in Ft. Lauderdale.* Think of it as a specialized supplement to J. Matt Hoch’s guest post yesterday on where to eat and drink in Ft. Lauderdale.

Or, you could just find a nice spot by the beach and drink whatever Steve Walker’s drinking. But I wouldn’t recommend that.** 😉

Listed in descending order of how interesting they sound to me…

Riverside Market Cafe. Very casual place with sofas and chairs. 20 rotating taps plus a massive bottle/can selection. Grab the beers you want from the coolers and then settle up for the empties when you’re done. Food is sandwiches and pizzas; apparently it’s fine, but whatever–you’re not going here for the food. A bit out of the way but only a bit–it’s a short taxi ride from the convention center. Judging from the reviews, it may be the only must-visit pilgrimage in Ft. Lauderdale for beer geeks. Also recommended in yesterday’s post.

The Laser Wolf. Small bar, away from downtown, so a (short) pilgrimage for convention goers. 12 changing taps with an emphasis on small local breweries, ~100 bottles/cans.  Don’t go for a quiet pint; there’s a DJ later in the evenings. No food but there might be a food truck outside.

LauderAle. The brewery tap room. 12 or so beers at any given time, including some sours. Closest microbrewery to the convention center (I think). Closed lunchtime and on Mondays. I’m a little concerned that this place wasn’t recommended in yesterday’s post, but maybe I’m reading too much into its absence…

Tap 42. Gastropub downtown, big place with large outdoor seating area. 42 taps, mostly widely-available microbrews (Bells, Dogfish Head, Lagunitas, Rogue, etc.), but a few locals and imports. Also recommended in yesterday’s post.

*Dynamic Ecology: we read beer geek websites so you don’t have to.

**#sorrynotsorry, Steve. 😉

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