Happy Halloween from ecology!

Happy Halloween! Last week I asked our Twitter followers to share pictures of study organism costumes and nerdy pumpkins. Here’s the response!

University of Alaska Fairbanks fisheries grad student Ben Mayer makes a mean balloon animal. They’re not just for costumes! Check out the sockeye salmon in the lower left:



Ben isn’t the only one who makes his own costumes:

“Lighting to rig”?!

Necessity is the mother of invention. “Necessity” being operationally defined as “my kid insists on going as a specific, obscure species”:

Could’ve been worse, Kerry. She could’ve asked for “angler fish”. “And I want my lure to light up for real!”

Superheroes are always a popular costume choice. And from a human perspective, the ability to photosynthesize is a superpower:

“My belt buckle was a desmid” wins the thread, I think. 🙂

As for nerdy pumpkins, “pumpkin” is such a broad term:

Here’s my pumpkin. Did you know that pumpkins are cannibalistic?


Ok, I know that’s not really a science-y pumpkin, but I’m still pleased with it. 🙂 Pleased as I am with my effort, though, it doesn’t hold a candle (ha ha) to those of the amazing Ted Stankowich:





And finally, stay safe out there tonight:

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