Apply for NextProf Science 2017 at UMich!

Applicants are currently being sought for NextProf Science, a workshop aimed at future faculty (advanced doctoral students or postdoctoral fellows) who are interested in an academic career in science and who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity. The workshop is May 2-5, 2017 in Ann Arbor, MI.

At NextProf Science, participants learn:

  • how the faculty search process works
  • how to build successful research programs
  • how to form a teaching and mentoring philosophy
  • why a network is important

The NextProf Science 2017 workshop is free to participants, who must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Underrepresented minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply. Travel, lodging, and meals will be covered by the program.

Applicants may nominate themselves or be nominated by a faculty mentor. Find additional information about the workshop and application materials on the NextProf Science website at:

The deadline to receive all applications and supporting materials is: February 15, 2017.

4 thoughts on “Apply for NextProf Science 2017 at UMich!

  1. The workshop consists entirely of you reading old Dynamic Ecology posts to the participants, right? 😉

    Just kidding, obviously, I’m sure it’ll be a great experience for the participants.

  2. I think this post is well timed, since I myself have been thinking about diversity in the field of ecology and if there are existing workshops that cater to helping women and underrepresented minorities. As a Vietnamese female in a predominantly Caucasian department, I’ve been struggling with ideas on how to increase diversity among the graduate student body in addition to diversity at the faculty level. Has Dynamic Ecology ever discussed this issue before If not, I believe it is a topic worth considering. Thanks for this announcement!

    • We don’t have a post on the topic (at least, not that I can recall right now!), but Terry McGlynn wrote this excellent post on recruiting underrepresented minority students:

      One possible way to start would be to see if your department would create a diversity committee if it doesn’t already have one. That committee could then be charged with things like rethinking grad recruitment to try to increase the diversity of the department’s grad students. (My department has a diversity committee and it does really great work!)

      As for whether there are workshops: I can think of some that used to run (e.g., Women Evolving Biological Sciences/WEBS), but not current ones tailored to EEB. People sometimes tag us about this sort at the @diversifyeeb account and we retweet it if it seems like it would be of general interest, so you could check there sometimes, too. I also am going to ping Claire Horner-Devine, since I know she is doing work in this area and she might have more thoughts.

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