Dynamic Ecology is now ad-free

FYI: Dynamic Ecology is now ad-free. The cost is minimal, so I figured what the heck. Plus, I like WordPress and want them to continue to exist (not that I have any specific reason to worry that they won’t), so I’m happy to send a bit of cash their way.

5 thoughts on “Dynamic Ecology is now ad-free

  1. By the way, since Dynamic Ecology belongs to me, I never saw the ads–just placeholders where the ads would’ve been, warning me that readers sometimes would see ads. Only now once the ads are gone has it occurred to me to worry if they were really bothersome. I hope lots of readers are not saying “About damn time you got rid of those bleepin’ ads, they were horrible!”

  2. Part of my vague motivation for doing this was the news that one of WordPress’ competitors is struggling: http://www.theverge.com/2017/1/4/14169656/medium-layoffs-business-model-advertising. And of course, the history of the internet is filled with other examples of free tools, and entire companies with businesses based on giving away free tools, that no longer exist or are at serious near-term risk (Google Reader, AOL, Yahoo, MySpace, Twitter…). So while I have no direct reason to worry that WordPress could use some cash, I have some indirect reasons to worry.

  3. For what it’s worth, with your traffic, if you keep the ads but signed onto the wordpress advertising program, you could raise enough revenue each year, to fund an award that would probably pay for a grad student’s field season. I’m not saying it’s a good idea. Then again, if you’ve been running ads up until now, then with the flip of a switch you could start getting paid for them. (But then it becomes a tax thing, or you have to become a nonprofit, and yadda yadda, and this is why I’m not even bothering with it myself.)

    • Interesting suggestion. I wouldn’t have thought the revenue would be enough to bother with. As you say, if you were going to do it there are many issues you’d have to look into.

  4. Good choice! Ads come with how popular you are. I’ve seen a few (non-offensive) ads on your posts over the last few years, but free sites with less views/follows don’t get as many ads. I signed my blog up a few years ago to support WP, and you do get a few extra perks that are worth it.

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