Friday links: networking while introverted, PhD defense advice, and more (UPDATED; link fixed)

Also this week: NSF Waterman award winners, Hungary vs. its best university, critter cams, keep lectures live, what the pyramid of passive and active learning methods REALLY looks like, the Godfather vs. grade-grubbers, and more.

From Jeremy:

Scientific networking as an introvert. See also Stephen Heard on conferencing as an introvert, Meg on wandering alone at conferences, and me on why and how to network at conferences.

Terry McGlynn’s advice opinions for aspiring science bloggers. A repost from 2014, but worth revisiting if you’re thinking of starting a blog. My own advice is here. I agree with what Terry has to say, and it’s all as true today as when he first wrote it. I particularly liked this line, which is definitely true of Dynamic Ecology:

Blogs that are thought to be very well read aren’t really that well read in the grand scheme of things.

Keep lectures live.

There’s a slow long-term trend of fewer US undergrads majoring in the humanities. It’s mirrored by long-term growth in computer science, business, engineering, and pre-professional majors. Natural sciences and mathematics are holding steady or perhaps dropping a touch.

The openly illiberal Hungarian government is encountering more resistance than they probably expected trying to shut down the country’s best university.

Advice on preparing for your German PhD defense. Much of it generalizes to other countries.

Tim Poisot has moved his ecology blog again. I’m glad it’s back on WordPress, I’m not a fan of Medium’s interface.

Blurring the line between predatory journals and non-predatory ones: Wiley and Hindawi are partnering to convert some existing Wiley subscription journals to author-pays open access. Note that I don’t endorse speculations in the link connecting the demise of Beall’s list to Trump’s election.

Owl cam (ht my dad). Many other critter cams at the link.

This future IgNobel Prize winner raises the question of whether theoreticians would be better off drinking more beer and less coffee. See here for why I say that. Dynamic Ecology: where understanding the jokes sometimes requires you to click multiple links and read 1000 words. 🙂 (ht @noahpinion)

Realistic learning pyramid:

And finally, sticking with Kieran Healy: the Godfather’s end of semester meetings with students. 🙂

From Meg:

NSF has announced the results of this year’s Waterman Award competition. This year there were two winners, which has only happened once before. As in the previous 12 years, the winners were men, meaning that we are now up to 15 consecutive male winners. I first called attention to this problem in 2014. As I’ve said before, it’s not that any of those 15 winners wasn’t deserving. It’s that, over the past 13 years, surely there have also been deserving women.

2 thoughts on “Friday links: networking while introverted, PhD defense advice, and more (UPDATED; link fixed)

  1. “trying to shut down the country’s best university” … um … This links to Jeremy’s advice on how to network. I’m going to guess that was a typo and that Jeremy’s advice on networking hasn’t thwarted the Hungarian government, at least not yet 😛

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