Friday links: P-value emojis, and more

Also this week: “Get respect for your ideas and blazer choices”, historical context for the March For Science, and more.

From Jeremy:

A historian argues that the golden age of US government and public support for science and scientists was the Cold War, and that that specific historical moment isn’t likely to be repeated.

As a tenure-track professor I often taught while wearing a blue blazer from the Gap. Still do, actually. So I found this amusing:

Of course, I’m amused for purely coincidental and personal reasons. I recognize that you may or may not be amused, depending on what implicit messages you think this sends. I also recognize that as a guy I’m privileged not to have to worry all that much about what other people will think of my appearance. So I don’t have any serious thoughts on this, but if you have a hot take, fire away.

Read this, then make up your own joke about Hempel’s paradox.

P-value emojis. (ht @kjhealy)

5 thoughts on “Friday links: P-value emojis, and more

  1. There was also this in fashion for ecologists:

    I liked Anne Jefferson’s idea for raising even extra funds if we sell our old field pants that are covered in burrs and/or poison ivy:

  2. Apparently there are entire websites devoted to the marketing of nerdy “professor” blazers:


    I’ve noticed over the past decade or so that for women professors, the bulky if not obtrusive neck scarf has become almost standard issue with the blazer. Any thoughts on neck ware?

    (Note from Jeremy, your friendly moderator: comment edited so that the URL shows up sans clickable link. For some reason, WordPress refuses to display either the URL or the link except to the site moderators…)

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