Friday links: lab hacks and more!

Also this week: the pros and cons of axing the DDIG program, NIH vs. shopkeeper science, and more.

From Meghan:

This is brilliant. I think I’d give them a grant based on this alone:

From Jeremy:

Terry McGlynn with a useful summary of the arguments for and against NSF’s axing of the DDIG program.

NIH has reversed last month’s decision to cap the amount of support an individual PI can receive in order to get more bang for its buck by spreading funding to more PIs. Instead, they are setting aside money to fund proposals from early- and mid-career PIs that just missed receiving funding through the usual channels. The money for to do this will come from existing programs in a manner TBD. Related: my old discussion of this issue in an ecological context.

Every year, Tad Fukami’s lab gets together with a couple of other labs and picks their favorite ecology and evolution papers published in the previous year. Here’s their list for 2016. I think this is an interesting and useful exercise for any lab group.

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