Useful links related to tenure-track job searches in ecology (and other job searches)

It’s faculty job hunting season, so I’m reupping Meghan’s very useful, recently-updated compilation of links related to tenure-track job searches in ecology.

As an aside, you might also be interested in our series of posts on non-academic careers for ecologists. Starts here.

1 thought on “Useful links related to tenure-track job searches in ecology (and other job searches)

  1. So very glad you are putting out these resources again, Jeremy! I know of so many people (including many former students of mine) who are in the market and looking for a good gig.

    I’d also like to remind people there is always an opportunity to “go it on your own,” as it were. From forming your own consulting business to creating a think tank or research consortium- the possibilities are really endless in this regard. In 2009 I formed my own consulting group while I was still in academia and then just a few years later created a research institute. Career-wise I have never been happier or more fulfilled. After decades in traditional academia, I will never ever again return to those “Ivory Towers”.

    Very pleasantly I have discovered that the world generally and science specifically is very supportive of these independent, ‘NGO’-related organizations. By far and away, I found the most difficult part was getting the word out and being recognized for something. That part of it requires some patience as well as talent and innovation related to networking (note- electronic networking is important, but is only part of the equation).

    Ok ok, enuf of my blabbering already- but, in this era of sequestration and looming deep cuts public financing of academia and science, we need to think outside of the box. You can be an academic and a darned good one outside the traditional rubric of academia.

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