Friday links: Darwin vs. novels, and more

A few links for your holiday reading pleasure.

From Jeremy:

Conservation easements as a tax dodge for the wealthy. It seems the main issue is that the size of the tax write-off for granting one particular type of easement depends on rather arbitrary claims about how much the land would’ve been worth had it been developed. I know little of the issues here; discuss.

A Darwinian theory of narrative fiction. I haven’t read it, but it looks interesting. (ht Brad DeLong).

2 thoughts on “Friday links: Darwin vs. novels, and more

  1. There’s a fairly trendy approach called Literary Darwinism which seeks to place literature in the context of evolution. This Flesch book seems to fit within that paradigm.

    • Yes, we hosted a talk on this by the approach’s founder back in 2009. But I have yet to read any articles or books applying the approach. Planning to rectify that this year.

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