Friday links: link to ALL the geeky things!

This week: Meghan and I play “Can you top this?” with geeky links. In seriousness, research universities vs. teaching (but not how you’d think), and more.

From Meghan:

This is amazing!:

From Jeremy:

Terry McGlynn on why a faculty position at a research university might be the perfect fit for you if you love teaching (and don’t want a stress-packed job). An interesting, cogent, and important piece, with which I agree.

Sticking with Terry, he’s decided to reopen the comments on Small Pond Science, though only on certain types of posts. Glad to see this even though it proves me wrong; I had predicted that Terry’s experiment with closing comments would be permanent. Comments are closed on the post about teaching at research universities, so feel free to discuss it here; I think it’s well worth discussing.

How academic political science blog The Monkey Cage became part of the Washington Post, where the posts are now mostly guest posts, and the main audience has changed from academics to members of the general public interested in what political science has to say about the issues of the day.

What’s the most famous sentence in the scientific literature?

Of course there was a [Dynamic Ecology] post.” Fact check: TRUE. 🙂

And finally: Meghan, I’ll see your crocheted nautilus and raise you this wine. 🙂

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