Friday links: never lie about a faculty job offer, air travel vs. academia, and more (UPDATE: link fixed)

Also this week: is Gödel, Escher, Bach overrated, nonlinear dynamics of love, and more.

From Meghan:

Stabilo (a company that makes highlighters) has a “Highlight the Remarkable” campaign and two of the ads feature women in science: Lise Meitner (caption: “discoverer of nuclear fission whose male partner was awarded the Nobel Prize”) and Katherine Johnson (the NASA mathematician who was brought to prominence by Hidden Figures).

A biochemistry professor has been charged with a felony after faking an outside offer from another university to get a raise. Perhaps the part of the story that made my jaw drop the furthest was his claim that this was common. I have never heard of someone faking an offer (and hopefully it goes without saying that doing so is wrong). (Jeremy adds: my jaw dropped too. The idea that it’s common to lie about outside offers is completely false. Just as the Michael LaCour case shouldn’t cause you to leap to the conclusion that fake Science papers are common, this case should not cause you to leap to the conclusion that faking outside offers is common. Please, please, never lie about having an outside offer, or about the details of one you do have!)

Here’s a new one for my post on fun ways of deciding authorship order!

This review is amazing!

And, finally, this headline writer deserves a raise:

From Jeremy:

Andrew Hendry is doing a lot of professional air travel this year. Here’s how he thinks about the costs and benefits (for himself, for his family, for his field, for the environment…). Related old post from Meghan asking how often ecologists travel, and from Mark Vellend on whether it’s hypocritical for ecologists to travel by air, and more generally live like typical middle-class or upper-middle-class North Americans.

Speaking of air travel: a claim that flight costs are a measurable impediment to scientific collaboration. Unreviewed preprint and I’ve only read the abstract, so I’m just passing along the link in case you want to read and evaluate it yourself. (ht Marginal Revolution)

An argument that no paper is that good. It’s from economics. Would you say the same of ecology? I wouldn’t.

Why Gödel, Escher, Bach isn’t nearly as good as you remember. This resonated with me. I tried to read GEB in high school and didn’t finish it, though it should’ve been right up my alley. I also failed to finish a later book of Hofstader’s, Le Ton Beau De Marot. I just found it too long and the insight:page ratio too low. (ht Marginal Revolution)

And finally, I am years late to this, but anyway: evolutionary theoreticians Sergio Rinaldi and Fabio Dercole (along with three co-authors) have a book on the nonlinear dynamics of…love. (ht @noahpinion)

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