Friday links: new EiC of Ecology sought, Fat Bear Week, and more

Also this week: Nobel Prize in Economics for environmental economics, animating permutation tests, mixed news about terrible people, and more.

From Jeremy:

Don Strong is stepping down as EiC of Ecology in Dec. 2019. The ESA is seeking a new EiC.

Further to a recent link of ours, Jeff Ollerton asks whether there’s really a “battle for the soul of biodiversity” going on at IBPES.

Arizona State University dean Patrick Kenney has recommended the dismissal of tenured physics professor Lawrence Krauss, in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct. The university also has stripped Krauss of other roles, and he is on paid leave. Krauss denies the allegations. Krauss is best known for his work on the Doomsday Clock, his popular book The Physics of Star Trek, and for being active in the skeptic community. (ht @kjhealy, who asks a good question I’m sure many others are asking too: was ASU aware that sexual misconduct allegations against Krauss date back to his time at Case Western and led to both Case Western and the Perimeter Institute sanctioning him? If so, why did ASU hire him away from Case Western?)

This year’s Nobel Prize in Economics went to William Nordhaus, founder of environmental economics. He pioneered “green accounting”, wrote perhaps the first paper on the economics of climate change back in the mid-70s, and was an early advocate of carbon taxes, among many other claims to fame. This year’s other recipient is growth economist Paul Romer. Many commenters have noted how giving the Nobel to these two in the same year might seem perverse, but that actually their ideas are quite complementary. See here, here and here for commentary and compilations of links. Also, Romer had to call the Nobel committee back after he didn’t answer their call telling him he’d won; he thought the call was spam. 🙂 Nordhaus slept through his congratulatory call and found out he’d won when his daughter called him. 🙂 Apparently, not being the first to know/believe you won the Nobel Prize is a common experience among winners.

Speaking of climate change, the latest IPCC report came out recently. Here’s one summary. Relatedly, here’s a Twitter thread with some key graphs on C emissions by country.

Permutation test in animated gif form. Useful for intro biostats courses. (ht @noahpinion)

How a fraudster stole $12 million from MacEwan University last year. (ht @dsquareddigest)

I already miss having a corrupt EPA chief. 😦 (ht @dandrezner)

Vote for the fattest grizzly bear in Katmai National Park. And here’s a link to one of the park’s live bear cams. 🙂

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