Friday links: #academicKonMari, fundamentals of data visualization, and more

Also this week: PLOS’ finances 😬, statistics vs. Harvard’s admissions policies, Conan O’Brien on what to do after you get tenure (sort of), anglerfish vs. pop music, and more.

From Jeremy:

PLOS’ finances continued to deteriorate in 2017. See the comments at the link for discussion and speculation as to what the future might hold for PLOS, and for authors who’ve published with them (as I have). (ht Meghan)

Andrew Gelman, Sharad Goel, and Daniel Ho on what statistics can and can’t tell us about Harvard’s undergraduate admission policies. Very good, clear piece. Of interest for anyone with an interest in the ongoing lawsuit accusing Harvard of illegal discrimination against Asian American applicants, or in diversity and equity more generally. Also good fodder for introductory or intermediate statistics courses.

Changing demographics and other factors are hitting enrollments at many small US colleges. Hampshire College is considering a merger with another institution, and whether to admit a freshman class in the fall. To which, wow. Hampshire is part of the 5 colleges consortium in Amherst, and is famous for its unique approach to undergraduate education (students design their own programs of study, and receive written feedback rather than grades). Hampshire is much more prominent than most of the other small US colleges that have recently closed or experienced existential financial crises. (ht @noahpinion)

Meanwhile, in college and university finances on the other side of the 49th parallel: the Ontario provincial government is reportedly set to announce a 10% cut to undergraduate tuition (not for grad students or international students). See the link for some commentary, particularly regarding the differential impact on different institutions and different students. There are rumors that the tuition cut will be accompanied by a cut to need-based financial aid. And it’s unclear if the resulting hole in college and university budgets will be covered by any new funding. Note that the official policy hasn’t been announced yet as of this writing.

Fundamentals of data visualization. Excellent online guide. (ht @kjhealy)

Conan O’Brien on (not) leaving a lasting mark in the world (see the last two questions in the linked interview.) Echoes my own attitude toward my own research and blogging, though YMMV of course. (ht Nate Silver, via Twitter)


Here’s a fun pop song about stoicism anglerfish stoic anglerfish. 🙂 Very TMBG vibe.

From Meghan:

Some committees might never be populated again:

If you work with a coach and someone asks why, maybe you should remind them that even Serena Williams has a coach:

2 thoughts on “Friday links: #academicKonMari, fundamentals of data visualization, and more

  1. I’m chasing through your blog roll. I liked Data Colada.

    But I’m posting because I just checked Economists View, which links to a Krugman article. I don’t particularly like Krugman but in discussing China he says something that I think is very important in all financial issues but also seems common in just about everything:

  2. “The crisis takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought. ”

    Words to live by, bow to Krugman.

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