Job Announcement: Intro Bio Lab teaching position at the University of Michigan!

Not our typical sort of post, but I wanted to share this widely: my department (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan) is searching for a lecturer (officially, a LEO Lecturer III, where LEO is the lecturers’ union). The search is for someone with a PhD in biology, preferably with a focus on EEB. The person will be expected to teach/coordinate Bio 173, our Intro Bio Lab (which has over 1600 students a year!) and to develop new project-based labs for the course (including authentic research experience labs). Bio 173 has a lot of graduate student instructors, so I’m guessing the position would also involve working with lots of graduate students.

The job posting lists July 19th as the closing date, so apply soon! More info on how to apply is available in the job posting.

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