Please help Jeremy identify TT asst. professors of ecology hired in the US and Canada in 2018-19

Once again this year I’m trying to identify every tenure-track asst. professor hired in the US and Canada in ecology and allied fields (e.g., fish & wildlife, conservation) during the 2018-19 job season. If you fit that description, or know of someone who does, please email me (

Here is a nearly-comprehensive list of TT asst. professor positions advertised in 2018-19 that might have been filled by ecologists.

Please only send me public information, not confidential information. All you’re doing is saving me the trouble of googling public information.

I’m interested in all tenure-track hires at the asst. professor level, including those who have teaching duties but not research duties.

If you’re not sure if the new hire counts as an “ecologist”, send me the information.